7 Benefits Of Personal Development

“I wish for you a life of wealth, health and happiness; a life in which you give to yourself the gift of patience, the virtue of reason, the value of knowledge, and the influence of faith in your own ability to dream about and to achieve worthy rewards.” Jim Rohn

What is personal development?

Personal development

Personal development is the process of self-improvement, which focuses on building up your own awareness, knowledge and skills, as well as an overall sense of identity.

Typical activities could include anything from developing a talent or fulfilling personal aspirations, through to improving your health and lifestyle or learning a new skill, like building an online business

Personal development is about investing in yourself so that you can manage yourself effectively regardless of what life might bring your way. It allows you to be proactive. Rather than wait for good things to happen, you get out there and make them happen. You may not always achieve your objectives, but you will experience a richer and more rewarding life when you commit to pursuing your own objectives.

Going through life you might find big obstacles in your way. If you imagine that these obstacles are big walls, then personal development is a way to break them and clear the space in front of you so that you can go through your life easier.

But Personal development is not just a way of solving problems; it is a way of growing. It is your way to a better life, to become an improved version of yourself.

Personal development is a push. It’s a struggle. It’s a challenge. There wouldn’t be any winning without a challenge. That’s what life is all about. It’s the struggle and the challenge to develop ourselves and our skills to see what we are capable of.

New habits don’t come easy, but they can be developed. Sometimes when you develop a lot of momentum in one direction, it’s not that easy to change, but it is possible. Somebody once said, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” You’ve just got to read the books, learn the skills, put yourself through the paces, do the mental push ups and get yourself ready.

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Benefits of personal development

Go for it!

Working on your personal development is not only essential for your own self-improvement, but can also help you thrive professionally.

Here we have some benefits of personal development:

  • Self-aware – you get to know who you are – your values, beliefs and the purpose you wish to pursue.
  • Sense of direction – more clear on what you want to achieve and it also makes the decision making process easier.
  • Clarity – clearer on your objectives and you can quickly identify which task will give you the best result with the resources available to you at that moment.
  • Motivated – when you know what you want to achieve, it is easier for you to see the benefits of taking action. Even when the task ahead is not enjoyable; if you can see a clear benefit, you are more motivated to take the necessary action.
  • Resilience – there will be tough times ahead but the personal development process gives you the confidence and resilience to deal with these better.
  • Fulfilling relationships – you will be able to see which relationships are worth investing time in and you will develop the skills to make the most of these relationships thereby making a more positive impact on your life.

Some people do not give so much importance to personal development because the results are not always measurable. But the fact is that the great achievers are those who figure out their inner resources and manage it in a variety of situations. That ability comes through personal development.

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Where to Start?

Take the first step

If you are new to personal development and you want to start to develop your personality and character, you might not know where to start.

It can be difficult to choose where to start because you have so many options. Usually when we have too many options, we don’t choose any.

Personal development is a huge industry and has a lot to offer, from online courses, books, yoga, fitness and meditation programs to life coaching and individual counseling.

Start small. It is better that you start with something then nothing.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ―Robin Sharma

3 Replies to “7 Benefits Of Personal Development”

  1. Hello, Johny! Totally agree with you…it is about evolving to a higher level, to become better than we are at the moment, in other words, it is a kind of when the stone turns into a diamond, so, we must work hard in order to become diamonds, why not..after all, personal development is a need for us, just like others acording to Maslow pyramid..after fulfilling the basic needs we must go further. .cheers!

  2. Thanks for your comment mate. I have just remembered when I graduated school, I was saying to myself “That`s it, no more school, no more teachers, no more learning stuff”. But I was wrong. It was just the beginning…

  3. I totally agree with you, Ion! Indeed, we should each day work on yourself, no matter how hard it was, we should don’t give up. We ourselves create our destiny and only we decide who we will become.

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