Can Everyone Get The Entrepreneurial Mindset And Its Benefits?

Just who are Entrepreneurs? How did they accumulate their wealth? The first step starts not with the actions you do. But your inner leadership. Think about it, some of the most successful entrepreneurs came from below the poverty line. How? It is the power of consistent failure, persistence, and preparation.

What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

What is it like to have the mindset of an entrepreneur? It sounds unbelievable. How do these ordinary people make millions of dollars? For starters, an entrepreneurial mindset is obtainable by everyone. It is the key to success. Even if it is achievable by everyone, it is not for everyone. An average workweek for an American is a 9-5, so 40 hours a week. But, there are 168 hours in the week. What are you doing with that extra time? In regards, say you have 8 hours working, eight sleeping, you theoretically have 8 hours of free time. That is enough time to be able to pursue your dreams of being an entrepreneur. However, while you work 40 hours a week, CEOs tend to work 100-120 hours weekly. There are steps of when you can begin relying on your start-up and quitting your job. Before we get ahead of ourselves, the mindset of an entrepreneur is always finding ways to improve, take action, and stay persistent. Starting something new will always be hard. But the only way to get better is to stick through it. Elon Musk failed to launch 3 SpaceX rockets, costing him nearly 150 million. We are not launching rockets. But we also can not afford to make significant mistakes. For every hour you work, there will always be someone working longer.


How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Are you willing to make the sacrifices that come with being an entrepreneur? As mentioned, a great example of this is Gary Vaynerchuk. Co-founder of revolutionary restaurant software reservation company Resy and Empathy Wines. At age 14, he would begin to own his family’s small wine company. Currently, that company Wine Library is worth nearly sixty million. According to Gary, every day for five years, he worked. He would upload videos to YouTube. Based on this, his personality would soon become recognized by top talk stars Ellen Degeneres and Conan O’Brien. He has said in multiple podcasts that from the age of 14. He would never go anywhere on the weekends. The internet is something businesses have never had before. Gary Vaynerchuk took advantage of its early beginnings. On account of this, he inherited his father’s wine shop. However, if every entrepreneur spent time comparing their odds, then no one would try. Not everything you do will be perfect the first time. So, instead of worrying about perfection, the best option is just to do it. Start that podcast, start writing freelance content, begin those side hustle ideas. It sounds nice on paper but, what is it really like? Say you want to become a day trader. It sounds nice 100k a year, the work is at home, on a computer, all you have to do is analyze charts. After that, you have the weekends off. With your retirement plan, you begin buying low and selling high. Boom, you lost a quarter of your portfolio. Now what? Will you continue until you lose everything, or will you correct your strategies with the problem ahead of you? The answer for an entrepreneur is to continue. There will be many external factors along the way. But an entrepreneur separates themselves from the rest once they learn how to adapt and change with the situations.


The Benefits of Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Young or old, most go through entrepreneurship with the work ethic but not the leadership to guide them. Still, it is not uncommon for those to deny it. An entrepreneurial mindset is all about change. It can be a significant shift from the usual way you see the world for what it is. The entrepreneurial mindset helps you understand the aspects of planning. Great athletes attend practice and practice on their own time. Phenomenal athletes plan out the next day, the next week, the next month, and years in advance. For reference, entrepreneurs are very similar to a subject in social-emotional learning called the growth mindset. The ideals behind both are the ability to improve, that intelligence or birth does not decide who you can become. Albert Einstein once quoted, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” To add, having an entrepreneurial mindset comes with knowing that you will have to take risks. The best option is to study under those who have experience if you do not have time. All in all, if your goal is to become a self-made entrepreneur. There are plenty of books on growing your knowledge as a business leader.


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